LEM Meat Grinders — Technical Features

 LEM grinders pack a lot of punch, and that’s because underneath their pretty simplistic-looking exterior there’s some powerful mechanics at work that are great for your cooking needs. Even better, there are several accessories depending on the model you might get that can do more than just the basic grinding. The slightly more expensive models have all kinds of add-ons for different types of meat preparation, including sausages. I’ve tried working with a few different LEM models, and I’ve been impressed with the speed and quality of the grinding with each one.


These grinders have different wattage powers depending on which model you get, with the most basic of the LEM models having a not-unreasonable 180 wattage while for the top end of the range — the real workhorses among these grinders – you’re looking at roughly 1100 wattage.

lem meatgrinders

Unlike some other companies’ grinders, I rarely have problems with meat getting stuck or backing up in LEM grinders. These machines require minimal physical exertion to push the meat through, and they’re quick and efficient and will leave you with some great-quality ground meat. And it’s not just meat that the LEM grinders can process because they’re also adept at cutting up bones without causing any damage to the machine. That’s great for cooks that are looking for an all-purpose grinder that can handle projects big and small, whatever the food.

LEM model

They also come with nice technical accessories that help get even more bang for the buck from your grinder. Several of the LEM models include a stainless steel cutting blade that can work through pretty much whatever meat you throw its way. There’s also a plastic food pusher to help in getting the meat through the machine, and a stuffing tube to help with making sausages. Other technical aspects of these grinders are impressive for these powerhouses that are also pretty compact. They won’t take up much space in the kitchen, with the smallest model a modest 9.25 inches by 16.5 inches by 14 inches, and the biggest only a little bit larger at 12 inches by 14 inches by 19 inches. That’s amazing compared to some other grinders that take up way too much space.

LEM meatgrinder technical featuresIf there’s a downside to these grinders it’s that they’re not dishwasher safe, so everything has to be cleaned by hand. That can be a pain to amateur cooks who don’t want to have to spend a lot of time washing everything down, so if convenience is the most important factor, maybe look elsewhere. But overall I have to give two thumbs up to the technical features of LEM’s range of grinders. Even at the lower price end with the more basic models, you still great a sturdy and powerful product that will achieve what you want without the risk of breaking. They also come with a 30-day money back guarantee and a five-year manufacturer’s warranty for extra peace of mind. That’s why the only real deciding factor with an LEM product is probably going to be your budget because they’re all worth their prices, so you won’t be disappointed whatever model you get.